HUAWEI awarded BSPT a $24M contract for Full Turn Key (FTK) Project comprising the scope for Site Acquisitions (SAQ) and Civil Works (CW). The contract is the biggest share from among the top accredited HUAWEI contractors covering 35% of the Visayas and 40% of the Mindanao regions.

When BSPT started contracting with HUAWEI in 2008, BSPT has been its consistent top five performing contractors and as such, is recognized with various core partner awards and commendations received thereon ranging from the “The Best Quality and Operations”, “Most Outstanding Core Partner”, “Best Partner of the Year 2015”, “Best Quality of the Year 2015”, “Gold Medal Award”, “Best Quality and EHS Contractor”, “Supplier of the Year 2018 in South East Asia”, and most recently, a “Bronze Award for EHS Self-Management”.

The credits accorded is a testimony that HUAWEI not only trusts BSPT years of experience but also assured of its capability to undertake and deliver their FTK project which will jumpstart on July 1, 2019 and the completion is expected by June 30, 2021.